The internet provides a conduit between artist and audience for all types of work. From painters and designers on to comic developers on sites like this one, the web is a perfect vehicle for original content creators to showcase their craft.

Personally, writing has always been my first passion, with 3d design a close second. Someday after the Nikki story is complete, I hope to expand my web portfolio to include more serious creative writing via an online sci-fi novel, Pedestal. I therefore am excited to find authors successfully employing the internet to present their work. Novelist J.C. Hutchins’ latest book is the science fiction thriller 7th Son: Descent. Set in present day, the story features human cloning, dangerous technologies, and “beyond Top Secret” government conspiracies. It started as an online podcast and now is being sold in stores everywhere. Even more exciting than a fellow internet creator bringing his works from the free digital format to the printed page is the fact that he is still publishing everything for free online. If you want to listen to the book for free, read it for free, or even buy the book, check out his site at