By request, I’ve added a Join/Login button for anyone who wants to become a member of the site. You can find it in the lower right sidebar. The link will allow you to set up a free member account in the Nikki Sprite WordPress blog.

Also, I’ve added a much better RSS syndicating service thanks to Google’s FeedBurner. You can subscribe to the feed by clicking the RSS button in the top navigation menus.

There is now character information in the Cast section. Clicking on the¬†character’s¬†picture will load their Fact Sheet. As new characters are introduced to the story, their fact sheets will be added to the Cast page.

The main comic pages are now hyperlinks, so you can advance forward through the comic by simply clicking on the big comic image itself.

Last but not least, the Gallery continues to slowly expand. Regular visitors should take a peek every now and then since gallery additions are not normally mentioned anywhere.

As always, thanks for visiting. Cheers – TKD