After dragging my feet for many months, I finally put together a website for Nikki Sprite that I am happy with. officially launched in late October. I’m very much indebted to ComicPress, the fantastic WordPress theme that made this site possible. If it were not for ComicPress I would still be scratching my head over the format of this site.

Nikki now has Facebook and MySpace pages too! Her inner thoughts are posted on these sites.

Facebook MySpace

Last but least, I’ve created a Nikki Sprite Google Theme for anyone who, like me, uses iGoogle as their browser homepage. The Nikki Sprite theme was submitted to Google one week ago. Unfortunately, at about the same time I submitted the theme, Google started having major issues with their theme section. Apparently thousands or themes have disappeared from the Google Theme search feature. Theme creators are screaming bloody murder while Google has only commented casually that they have been tweaking their algorithms. What all of this means is that I don’t know when, if ever, my Nikki theme will be officially published. In the meantime, if you have iGoogle loaded you can see the theme by clicking here. You can’t save it as your iGoogle theme though -you can only preview it. Saving won’t be possible until Google publishes it and solves their theme search.

Thanks again to all of you who are stopping by to take a look at Nikki. I make updates every Thursday so I hope to see you back.

Cheers – TKD