And so the backstory of Terestai at last begins to unfold at page 100. Sorry if this isn’t the exceptional or out of the ordinary page that you were looking for, but my updates have been a little sporadic of late, and I’m just starting a 3-month-long freelance job (on top of my regular work) that will make updates choppy for a while, so I didn’t want to delay the story any longer. I loved the suggestion about doing a Pita-computer special page, and will offer a rain check on that when my schedule cools off a little. But I did bow to popular demand and am offering the first Nikki vote incentive for page 100. Cast a vote on and get a topless Nikki pic! If successful there will be more to come!

By the way, I spent last Saturday rewriting my Photoshop action scripts. I think I’ve got them back into shape and the look of the comic pages should now be consistent. Cheers -TK