I want to give a big thanks to Phil Hofer for upgrading my site to the latest version of Comic Easel. Phil took over support for the ComicPress WordPress theme a while back and evolved it into Comic Easel, which imho is hands-down the best webcomic platform for content producers. Phil single-handedly maintains the Comic Easel theme. In addition to his development work, he is also well known for providing great support. Thanks to Phil, I’ve been able to make this comic much more readable, separating the Nikki Story into loose chapters (actual chapter title pages are forthcoming), and moving Zoey and various filler pages into their own section. By request, I also added a bookmark widget so that new readers don’t have to sift through the entire comic to find their place.

I’ve got a busy month and a half ahead, with some work travel looming and a family wedding, but I anticipate that I’ll be able to maintain weekly updates. Once things cool down a bit, I’ll start working on the next phase of the site, with the members section I spoke of before, inexpensive PDF comics, and possibly a print Kickstarter. To those who are worried about the members section: the base comic will remain free, and the story will not suffer. (And the member’s section will be very inexpensive!)

Several fans have expressed interest in Nikki merchandise. I’d love to oblige, but don’t really have a clue what to offer -so if you have suggestions, I’m all ears!

Thanks to everyone for your continued readership. I’m flattered to have had over 10 million page views and over 850,000 unique visitors since I added my counter three-plus years ago. Hopefully the best is yet to come! Cheers -TK