My apologies for the long hiatus. As mentioned previously, I had a large, very technical freelance 3D animation project that ballooned to about 4-5 times the original scope. Coupled with my regular, very demanding job, my free time became nonexistent. I finally completed the freelance project about a week and a half ago. At last I can return to what I really enjoy: continuing the adventures of Nikki, Pita, Ashley, Flitter Pim and the rest of the gang!

My plan was to update, reorganize and re-launch when the comic resumed. Unfortunately, the core software behind this comic –WordPress and ComicPress- are both far out of date. Upgrading requires several steps. First, I have to change ComicPress into a child theme of WordPress. Doing so means that the customization I’ve done to the vanilla ComicPress theme will have to be redone. Then, I have to migrate from ComicPress to ComicEasel, and from WordPress 3.3 to 3.8. When all of that is complete, I can re-organize the comic into chapters in ComicEasel.

I attempted to upgrade the comic during the Thanksgiving holiday. It did not go well. I ended up restoring the site from a backup. I decided that I should spend what little free time I have working on the comic, not on the backend, so I got in touch with Phil Hofer, the programmer who took over the development of ComicPress and who is the author of the ComicEasel theme. For a very reasonable fee he agreed to handle moving my comic into a child theme and then updating the software. I sent a partial payment on November 25 via PayPal and looked forward to launching a new and improved site to start the New Year. But unfortunately, Phil’s schedule is apparently not much better than mine was. I’m still waiting for him to make the changes to my comic. As a result, I’m going to resume work on the comic pages, but a revamp of the site will have to wait until Phil’s schedule permits.

The comic will resume on January 2. Sometime in 2014, I will restructure the comic into chapters, add a members-only section, create a separate section for Zoey, and possibly launch a Kickstarter for print versions of the comic with an expanded storyline.

Again, I’m sorry for this long delay, and for not delivering (yet) on my promise for a revamped site. But I can’t wait to resume the story. I know that Nikki and friends feel the same way! 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you. I appreciate all of the support and encouragement you’ve given me over the past few years, and hope that the comic will continue to entertain you in the year ahead. -TK