Thanks to everyone who voted in the Halloween poll. Devil (104 votes) and Angel (100 votes) were the winners, followed by witch (80). There were also almost 90 write-in votes, with many good suggestions. But one write-in was a clear leader: Harem/Slave Girl had a whopping 22 write-in votes! Because of the support for this, as well as emails I received complaining that there were too many poll choices, I’m having a runnoff of the top winners along with the top write in.

In case you’re interested, the other write-ins that received multiple votes were Genie Girl, Island Girl, Princess Leiha (which could also be considered the same as Slave Girl), Arabian Princess, Eve, Fairy, Dominatrix, Nun, X-men, Teen Titans, Star Trek, and Nude -though technically that last one is a LACK of costume! 😛

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