I owe a big, overdue public “mahalo” to Randy and Yorick for their generous donations. As always, the donations will go towards site advertising and Poser content purchases. Also, to everyone who has taken the time to post a comment or give feedback: I apologize if I haven’t acknowledged or responded. I’ve been swamped by my real job and have not been able to give Nikki the attention she deserves (!) aside from keeping up with the weekly comic pages and some occasional new wallpapers. (Okay, I have to admit that the finale of Lost also factored into my overloaded schedule.) Your comments are all greatly appreciated and enjoyed -even the constructive criticism I’ve received from readers offering suggestions to improve this webcomic.

Speaking of criticism, I’ve gotten some negative feedback about the heavy fanservice here. But I’ve also received an equal amount of positive feedback. I have to admit that when I launched this site, I was unsure about where to draw the fanservice line. Ultimately, I decided to include nudity and very suggestive themes but to stop short of explicit content. (And for the record: no, I don’t consider full frontal nudity or Ashley’s selicious actions to be explicit. R-rated, yes. Explicit, no.) But I often still second guess whether NikkiSprite.com would be better if I backed off a bit -which leads me to a new poll: Which content rating do you prefer? Your votes will determine whether Nikki continues as is or adopts a slightly more modest look -which may include retrofitting a few of the existing page images with clothes 🙂

As always, thanks for taking the time to visit here. Please don’t forget to vote! (BTW, since Pita’s Pajamas Poll has crossed the thousand mark, and since the start of the sleepover is only 3 pages away, I think her poll can be safely closed.) -TK